School Publications

After School Dismissal 

Your scholar’s safety is paramount to us and we made some significant changes to our after school dismissal in order to be more proactive at this historically “busy” time.


Dismissal will start at our published dismissal time of 3:00 PM and will proceed as follows:


  • The classroom teachers will escort their scholars to their designated areas (Gym, Cafe, Library) based on their dismissal route/plan.

If your scholar is:

  • Picked up (2 options):
    • DRIVERS ~ park in side lot near community park. We ask that you please remain in your cars and your scholar's name will be called and he/she will be escorted to you. (preferred option)
    • Park on Bon Oak and wait at the door closest to the park and somone will call for your child. (Parents will not be allowed to enter the building during student dismissal)
  •  Please respect our Scholars by:
    • Refraining from use of profanity
    • Not smoking or playing loud music

It is very important that your scholar knows if he or she is a car rider or walker.  Please help with consistent routines .


Morning Arrival

An overview of our morning drop off routines.


  • Front drive will be for Drop off and Bus traffic only. Please DO NOT park along the drive.
  • NO SUPERVISION until 7:40 AM and 8:40 AM on WEDNESDAY.

 If your scholar…

  • Walks to school ~ 
    • Walkers should not arrive before 7:40 AM.
    • Walkers should sit on the benches until a staff member comes to walk them into school.


  • Is dropped off ~ NO SUPERVISION until 7:40 AM and 8:40 AM on WEDNESDAY, please wait in your car until we are outside.
    • pull in the DRIVEWAY
    • We will be there to help your kids get out of cars safely.  Adults should remain in the car.
    • If you park your car please do so on the LOWER LEVEL parking lot and allow your scholar to walk up the sidewalk.

 Our usual drop off rules apply:

  • ADULTS stay in the car
  • Scholars exit on the building side of the car; passenger's side. (Please consider this as you arrange car seats etc.)
  • Be sure to give your scholar HUGS and KISSES.